Our Team!


Meet Emily Del., a dedicated senior at FIU working towards her second undergraduate degree in Pre-Medicine. Simultaneously balancing her academic pursuits, she shines as the creative force behind E&M Western Couture, where her love for western fashion takes center stage. Holding the prestigious title of 2024 Miss Rodeo Homestead, Emily embodies the essence of the western lifestyle in every ensemble she curates from her store.

When she's not immersed in her studies or managing her burgeoning fashion enterprise, Emily finds joy in the exhilarating pursuits of horseback riding and ATV adventures, along with unwinding at the beach with a good book or music that speaks to her soul. With a heart set on inspiring others through acts of kindness, unwavering determination, and boundless love, Emily's mission is to serve as a beacon of positivity and empowerment for those around her.

Driven by her profound love for the western way of life, Emily's vision for E&M Western Couture goes beyond style; it's a platform for making a meaningful impact on those who connect with her brand ethos. Join her journey on LinkedIn and witness firsthand the transformative power of passion and purpose.

Lead PR Marketing Advisor

Hannah Isaacs is a graduate student at Florida International University pursuing a Master's degree in Global Strategic Communications with a concentration in management. In her free time, Hannah enjoys playing sports, being outdoors, and reading. She has a passion for helping people, and curiosity about human, language, and culture. Growing up in the United States with a Jamaican background, her values were often different from her peers, and she questioned a lot of these differences and why they came to be.This is why she decided to work for E&M Western Couture as a PR Marketing Intern, where various cultures meet an era of timeless fashion. She believes sharing various perspectives throughout an organization is essential towards growth. Connect with her on LinkedIn. 

Lead Social Media and PR Creative Marketer

Alia O'Neill is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, holding a degree in marketing. With a lifelong interest in various facets of business, Alia has developed a unique set of capabilities that led her to pursue a career in marketing. Following graduation, Alia joined a marketing firm in Manhattan as an account executive. In this role, she closely collaborated with clients, cultivating relationships and executing successful marketing campaigns on their behalf. Following her role as an account executive in Manhattan, Alia O'Neill transitioned to the realm of marketing and business development within an established production company. Alia's commitment to merging her creative and business-oriented capabilities made her a valuable asset to the production company as she contributed to its growth and success in the competitive industry. Known for her creativity, attention to detail, and resourcefulness, Alia excels at finding solutions to challenges, ensuring customer satisfaction, and creating a positive environment. Alia is not only a dedicated professional but also a proactive individual, always on the lookout for entrepreneurial opportunities to contribute to business growth. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


Emely Bravo is an ambassador for this wonderful company. With a passion for the western culture and country music, She is excited to share what sets this clothing line apart and why she is deeply involved. She has always been an outdoors person, enjoying activities like fishing, riding ATVs, taking late dirt road drives, and line dancing. Line dancing has played a significant role in shaping her fashion sense and mental well-being. It connects her to the western culture in a unique way that varies from society to society.


Julie McBride is a 27-year-old surgical technologist born in Missouri. As a Missouri girl, Julie enjoys watching movies and being on the lake during the summertime during her leisure time. In her main occupation, she mainly enjoys working in women’s health due to her love of connecting with women both online and at her job. Now, as an ambassador of E&M Western Couture, Julie aims to connect with even more like-minded individuals through her various social platforms. She has a passion for Western fashion and anything beauty-related, connecting with other women on social media who share a passion for the same things. Seeing girls supporting and empowering each other inspires Julie to spread that same positivity on her own social platforms which she has continued to do today. Connect with her on her LinkTree.


This is Keera. She loves fashion but not just any fashion. Keera grew up down south but moved up north for her husband and twin daughters. Her roots stayed the same. Always surrounding herself with animals, nature and as much western as possible even if she’s far from it. Keera takes every opportunity to go back home and visit that life when she can. Keera joined with us because we bring the love she has for the country out. She can’t always have the farm and the animals but she can still dress the part wherever she goes. Carrying that country soul with great beauty from head to toe with E&M Western Couture.